What We Do

We provide comprehensive and thorough inspections for a range of properties such as HDB flats, condominiums, landed/private houses and commercial buildings.


HDB flats




Landed/Private houses


Office spaces


Things We Inspect

Many home defects are not obvious to the untrained eye and this is where we can help reassure you of your home. These defects will be listed down in the defect report and we will help you initiate the rectification process!

Here are some of the things we inspect:

The Structural Components of your home

Structural components are the foundation of your home and will potentially pose huge problems in the future if not rectified (eg. re-tiling, painting, having to take off days, moving and storage of furniture etc.) We will inspect walls, ceilings, beams and flooring to ensure proper surface finishings and  no instances of hollowness, damage, cracks, water seepage, spalling concrete etc.


Fixtures in your home

Fixtures in your home are important for the day to day living and aesthetics of your home, replacing them while you are already comfortably living in your home can be a huge hassle and extremely time consuming. We inspect the main fixtures in your home such as doors, sliding doors, windows, balcony railings to ensure good working condition and safety in your home.

We inspect washroom and kitchen fixtures such as bathtubs, shower screens, wash basins, hot water mixers, water closets, water pipings for poor installation, dents, corrosion etc. to ensure full functionality and safety. Carpentry works in your home such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, vanity tops and TV consoles are also inspected to ensure there are no problems with the carpentry work.

The basic M & E fittings include but not limited to lighting points, electrical sockets, telephone and internet sockets, air condition, taps and others.

For landed houses, we would also inspect staircases, railings, gates, boundary walls, drains, external walls and other works.


For landed/private houses, we also inspect external fixtures such as the water drainage system, fences, railings, gates, boundary walls, walkways, external tiling etc. We also inspect the larger structural components such as pillars and staircases.