To complement our services, Precision Inspections brings to you additional services as a package for long term ease, maintenance and outlook of your beloved home. Below are some of the additional services we currently provide.

Stain-Proofing Sealing

Sealing and stain-proofing your floor is the most widely engaged of the additional services that we provide! Simply because as the name suggests, it is Stain-Proofing! Something that will save you time, money, frustration and effort cleaning your home in the long run! We use STAIN-PROOF Original™™, suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications in residential and commercial buildings, including: building facades, floors, walls, countertops, showers, kitchens and entertaining areas.

STAIN-PROOF Original™ is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that provides premium long term protection for natural stone, tiles, pavers, concrete, brick and grout from water and oil based stains and damage caused by water and dissolved salts. Treated indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean and keep looking good for longer. 

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The Sealing Process

1. General Cleaning
Here we will clean and free the surfaces of dirt, grime, dust and oil. We will then leave it to dry and come back the next day for applicaiton of the sealant. Home owners are advised to minimise traffic and activities at this point of time.
2. Sealing
On the second day, we will commence the application of the sealant. Care is taken to ensure all parts of the area are sealed properly and we will apply 2 coats of sealant. After the job is done, it takes 30 minutes for the sealant to be touch-dry, and 24 hours to fully cure.


What happens when your flooring and grouts are not sealed