Precision Super Cool Window Film

In the concrete jungle of our homes and offices, it seems we are constantly striving to bring the outdoors in. Our modern spaces feature big bay windows and full glass facades that admit sunlight for us to bask in. While we love our bright interiors, we must avoid skin damaging UV rays and glare that stresses and strains our eyes. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also bleach and damage our beautiful homes. Precision Super Cool Window Films protect us from the Sun’s most harmful effects, while preserving the feeling of bright open space in your interior.


Protect your loved ones from UV rays

The Sun’s UV rays can penetrate untreated window panes, so even indoors, it’s important to protect the sensitive skin of your loved ones. Precision Super Cool Window Films have a UV rejection rate of >99%, effectively reducing the risks of premature ageing of the skin, and exposure related risks like skin cancer.

Cut glare, reduce eye-strain

Whether it’s watching TV, browsing the internet, or simply catching up on reading, many of the activities we enjoy at home are vision intensive. Intense sunlight from untreated windows causes glare and reflections off our electronic devices, which make us squint and strain our eyes. By reducing glare, Precision Super Cool Window Films enable you to work or relax in the comfort of your home, reducing eye strain.

Keep your home looking new

Furniture and fittings fade and fail over time. Why make them fade faster than necessary by exposing them to the damaging rays of unfiltered sunlight? Protect your fittings and furniture from fading, yellowing, and degrading by blocking out more than 99% of the Sun’s UV rays (the single largest cause of fading) with Precision Super Cool Window Films.

Cool your home

Sunlight through untreated windows can raise the temperature of your living space sharply, prompting you to draw your curtains or turn the air-conditioning on. Precision Super Cool Window Films eliminates the need for this by rejecting up to 97% of infrared heat from the sun.

Superior compared to Metallic Films

Precision Super Cool Window Films are metal-free. Metallic films are susceptible to corrosion and cannot last as long. In addition, metals in films can cause signal interference with wireless communications, Precision Super Cool Window Films promises zero interference. Without the presence of metals which increase the reflectivity of glass, Precision Super Cool Window Films also provide protection with a crystal-clear finish.

Save on electrical bills

Our Films have a reflectivity that’s lower than glass, which allows most natural light into your home. While allowing light to pass through, our Films reject up to 74% of the total solar energy that penetrates the windows, preventing spikes in room temperatures. Excellent light penetration, without the corresponding solar penetration results in savings from both lower lighting costs and lower cooling costs.

Increase Safety

Accidents, environmental effects, and vandalism can instantly turn a pane of glass into life-threatening shards and slivers. Precision Super Cool Window Films can act as a “safety net” by holding shattered glass together while you look out for your loved ones.


Professional installation is quick and simple. There’s minimal disruption to one’s daily lifestyle or work schedule. All Precision Super Cool Window Films are installed by professionally trained installers.